14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database


If you ever thought that email marketing was dead, it could not be farther from the truth.

In fact,  email is becoming one of the front-running strategic marketing tools for businesses. Thanks to the presence of email marketing platforms, leveraging emails for business has become easier than ever.

With time more and more companies are using the best email marketing service for building their email databases. 

As time passes, the competition in the market is becoming fiercer by the minute.

Small businesses are finding good opportunities to carve a niche for themselves. And that’s mainly due to low entry barriers in the world of business owing to digitization.

Whether you’re a business owner or someone who runs a blog, you want to get out and maximize your reach to your audience. Be it your readers or someone who will buy your products, marketing is the key to building your audience.

While social media dominates today’s world when it comes to marketing, there is nothing better than the old school email.

Email is one of the most effective tools that not just help market your product or service but also keep the customer engaged and increases their satisfaction. Finding it hard to believe? Research suggests that companies that leverage email for their businesses are able to generate ROI up to 4400%!

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

So, as your company grows, email marketing software is the first thing you must add to your marketing plan.

As enticing as it sounds, looking for the perfect one in the marketing can be quite a hassle. The market is flooded with email marketing platforms. While some offer a plethora of great features, they have bad support, others bank on their names rather than offering real values.

But, you need not worry about anything. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the best email marketing services that will help you build an email database and leverage it for growth. Let’s take a look at what these services are and how they can add value to your needs.

What is an Email Marketing Service?

No matter how much we like texting or staying connected with each other on social media, we still go back to email for official purposes. If you’re wondering what is email marketing, you must know this. Be it signing up to a new service, registering on a platform, or making a purchase. Email is an inseparable part of our lives.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is the go-to marketing of all businesses. You can use email marketing to build databases, engage your customers, provide them with updates, and more. For this purpose, you must leverage any of the best email marketing services available.

To narrow it down for you, email marketing service is a service that helps you streamline all your email marketing efforts. Email marketing services offer you a wide variety of features that helps you leverage email for your business. Right from helping you share order notifications to preparing dedicated marketing campaigns and sending it to your customers, email marketing platforms helps in a lot of things.

Here are some of the best email marketing service offered:

  • Automation;
  • Managing email subscriptions;
  • Sending notifications;
  • Monitoring the performance of campaigns;
  • Sales;
  • Analytics;
  • Integration with other marketing platforms, etc.

Why is an Email Marketing Service Important?

No matter how many new marketing tools and strategies emerge, email marketing is still going to be everyone’s favorite. Big or small, email marketing continues to be an integral part of most of the businesses out there.

One of the main reasons behind this fact is that email marketing helps in building a relationship with the customer. It helps in maintaining strong communication with the customer right from the time they visit the website to the time they’ve made a purchase.

In other words, email marketing helps you take your customer through the entire journey of your business while keeping them engaged. Moreover, they help you try and test different things so that you can figure out what works perfectly for your business.

14 Best Email Marketing Services for Your Business

Now that you know why you need email marketing if you own a business or blog, let’s take a look at email marketing companies that you can leverage:

1. Omnisend

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

Omnisend is an email automation platform that helps you automate your email marketing campaign. The platform not just helps you stay connected with your customer but also gives you a greater degree of control over your email database.

Omnisend is popular for its omnichannel potential that offers an exceptional opportunity for you to connect with your audience on different platforms. In other words, you can send more targeted email workflows to your audience, garnering responses from them.

The platform helps you do this by segmenting your customers at a detailed level. This means you can send the right message to the right person at the platform where they are most likely to respond at the right time.

Omnisend’s automation packed workflow lets you add SMS, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and more to connect with your audience.

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)

Here are some pros and cons about Omnisend,


  •  Simple interface, doesn’t require a setup.
  • User friendly interface 


  • It doesn’t have RSS integrated for blog posts.
  • It doesn’t have a tag option for a group of customers.

2. Pabbly Email Marketing

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

One of the best email marketing services, Pabbly enables you to send bulk emails through the server. It offers you a plethora of features without any restrictions.

With Pabbly you can schedule emails with ease and also trigger autoresponders for keeping your customers informed. This especially helps if your business is growing rapidly and you don’t want to keep on responding to every email manually.

One of the best features of Pabbly is email tracking that helps you that allows you to track the success of your email marketing campaigns. For example, you can check your bounce rate, open rate, click-through-rates, etc.

Some of the amazing features of Pebbly include SMTP routing, marketing automation, drag and drop features, etc.

Some of the pros and cons of Pabbly are:


  • User friendly dashboard.
  • No hidden charges


  • Limited payment gateway options 

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)

3. Constant Contact

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

This is probably one of the most popular email marketing platforms out there. The email marketing software comes with more than a few hundred templates that can help you create wonderful business emails.

If you’re looking for one perfect email marketing tool for the job, Constant Contact has to be the one. The service lets you send drip email campaigns along with regular emails that mark any celebration. For example, be it the celebration of your customers’ birthdays or their 10th order with you, set up auto emails that will make their day.

More to this, Constant Contact help you execute offer emails, donations, surveys, etc like a pro.

These are some pros and cons of Constant Contact.


  • A number of available local classes
  • Vast number of  templates.


  • List management UI needs improvement.
  • Reporting features lack customizability.

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)
Email Plus$45

4. iContact

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

One of the best email services for business, iContact has been serving customers and helping them execute their email marketing campaigns like a pro. It helps you and your team set the entire customer service apart and observe the progress made by your email marketing campaigns rapidly.

iContact offers features like any of its other competitors. However, it distinguishes itself with its amazing customer support. If you use iContact you will be paired with a strategic advisor that will help you build campaigns from scratch.

They offer two plans for their customers. In case you’re opting for the plus plan you get additional features to boost your business.It starts at a base price of $50 per month.

iContact has its pros and cons.


  • Formatting templates are user friendly
  • New GUI is very easy to use.


  • No notifications about changes.
  • Lack of integration in the software.

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)

5. MailChimp

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

One of the most popular names out there, MailChimp is the best email marketing service. It has millions of customers and has got your back when it comes to email marketing.

The tool has several integrations and helps you take your business to the next level. One of the best parts about MailChimp is that it helps you get started with email marketing if you’re new to this world. The platform helps you customize tools for your business so that you can personalize your business and provide customers with the satisfaction they deserve. Mailchimp starts its pricing for $9 and 99 cents per month but also offers a free version.

MailChimp has several plans to choose from, depending upon the nature of your business.

There are some pros and cons about it.


  • Has a great template editor
  • Provides thorough reporting


  • High cost subscription plans for premium versions.
  • Has a limited email automation.

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)

6. AWeber

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

If you’re completely new to the domain of email marketing, you should try out the services of AWeber. The platform enables users to easily segment their customers, send them personalized emails, and keep a track of their email marketing campaigns on a single platform.

Moreover, AWeber helps customers design a professional-looking email that helps create a reputation with the customer. The company is also known for its deliverability, which means the emails you send via the platform are effectively delivered to the customer without much ado.

AWeber has six plans to offer with different features and you can select the one that seems best for your business. It starts at $19 per month and goes up to $149.

These are some of the pros and cons 


  • A large range of templates.
  • Support options are more extensive.


  • Pricing is on the higher end.
  • Some of the templates look a bit outdated.

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)

7. Active Campaign

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

Traditionally a marketing automation tool, Active Campaign helps your business carve a niche for itself in the market. It is a CRM that adds value to your organization at various levels.

Active Campaign helps your business share dynamic content in email form, ultimately leaving a much superior impact on the customer. By segmenting your email database in the correct manner, you can send your customer’s personalized campaigns that address their needs in a much better manner.

Ranging from $15 to $279 Active Campaign offers four plans that you can opt for depending on your monthly or yearly needs.

There are some pros and cons it,


  • Automation and campaign features are great.
  • Integrates well with the G Suite account.


  • Layout misses the ease of use.
  • Large campaigns take time to send.

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)

8. Auto Pilot

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

AutoPilot offers a wide range of visual marketing tools to its customers. It stands apart from its competitors due to its qualitative features that can help your business grow unprecedented.  One of the qualities that make AutoPilot the best email marketing service is its drag and drop features.

Be it drafting an email campaign or automating your marketing efforts, everything can be done within a few clicks in the panel. AutoPilot offers a plethora of collaborative tools that can be used in your company to make sure that all your teams are on the same page.

Depending on the number of contacts, AutoPilot has three plans for your business. If you’re just starting out, you might want to opt for the basic plan. It starts with a base price of $49 per month.

It has some pros and cons which are,


  • Integrates well with Pipedrive.
  •  Heads up feature is very useful.


  • Email builder has customization limits.
  • Pricing isn’t the the best compared to competitors.

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)

9. Get Response

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

It is one of the top email marketing software today. What makes Get Response the best email marketing service is its complete solution for entire marketing efforts.

Apart from being an email marketing platform, Get Response is also a CRM and landing page tool that can help you create and market your website from scratch. In case you’re looking forward to creating webinars for your customers, Get Response can help you do that as well.

There are four Get Response plans to choose from for your business. Depending upon the solutions you need, you can opt for any of these plans. The base plan starts at just $15 per month.

It has some pros and cons which are listed below


  • Great pricing for basic plans.
  • Excellent marketing automation options.


  • Email creators are clunky and buggy.
  • No 2-factor authentication at login.

Pricing Details

PlanPricing (per month)

10. SendinBlue

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

One of the most successful email marketing platforms out there, SendinBlue helps you collect and nurture new leads. Once you collect new leads, the platform also helps you segment them into different categories.

Segmenting leads helps in addressing their needs more carefully and thus enables you to send a more personalized marketing campaign to them.

In case you’re not sure how to start your email marketing campaigns for nurturing your leads, SendinBlue can help you with the task. It has several pre-made automation campaigns that can help you get started without any doubts.

It offers a free basic plan, so if you’re just starting, you can sign up for it and leverage the features of SendinBlue.

Pricing Details,

Premium$66 and above

It has some pros and cons which are listed below,


  • Lost cost plans.
  • Solid email automation.


  • It has limited integrations.
  • Free plan has a sending limit of 300 mails per day.

11. Ontraport

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

Another powerful email marketing tool on our list, Ontraport can help you send successful campaigns to your customers. It is a one-stop marketing suite that offers detailed automated campaigns.

Ontraport can help you keep your customers engaged by sending personalized campaigns. In case if you’re wondering about your business’s performance, Ontraport provides detailed insights for your business.

Be it an abandoned cart email, lead nurturing, follow up or anything else, Ontraport can help you nail marketing like a pro. It offers four plans, all of which have one-on-one onboarding.

Pricing details,

Basic $79
Plus $147


  • Great customer support.
  • Has a unified system.


  • Dashboard UI isn’t appealing.
  • The plans are pricey.

12. Drip

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

Drip is a powerful email marketing platform for small and medium businesses. Be it eCommerce, blog, or digital marketing, Drip can help you perform exceptionally in any of these fields.

The platform offers a wide range of tools such as marketing automation, sales funnel, personalization, etc. Regardless of which tool you have used to build your website, Drip will integrate will all of them seamlessly.

Its intelligent digital marketing tool is what sets the platform apart from everyone else. Right from smart segmentation to A/B testing, you can try and test multiple things with Drip.

Drip offers a free trial along with several features and excellent support options available through chats, webinars, etc.

Pricing details,

Basic Monthly $49
Plus annually $41
Pro monthly$99
Pro anually$83

There are some pros and cons of it mentioned below,


  • Helpful customer support.
  • Great support for automation.


  • Not so user friendly
  • Email builder needs improvement

13. ConvertKit

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

If you’re a blogger looking for an email marketing solution, ConvertKit is the right platform for you. Its unique features allow you to upgrade your content and send effective campaigns to the customer.

ConvertKit can help you increase conversions and send automated emails to your customers that are personalized. They have an extensive knowledge base for you. In case of any issues, you can reach out to the ConvertKit’s support within a few clicks.

When it comes to targeted marketing, there’s no one that does a better job than ConverKit. It has a free 14 day trial period along with a 30-day refund policy.

Pricing details

Complete Monthly$29
Complete annual$25

Pros and cons of using Convertkit


  • Easy to set up and update.
  • Has the ability to tag into groups.


  • Some areas don’t have autosaves.
  • Automation needs improvement.

14. OptinMonster

14 Best Email Marketing Service to Build Your Email Database

OptinMonster is an email marketing platform that helps you create wonderful marketing campaigns. It is a conversion optimization toolkit that helps you grow your business and even get more subscribers.

OptinMonster has all the features of an email marketing service and helps you send dedicated personalized campaigns with ease. It is used by some of the most popular brands in the world and has quite a reputation in the field of email marketing.

In case you are troubled with visitors abandoning your carts, OptinMonster can help send emails that will draw them back to your websites and complete the purchase.

Pricing Details 

Basic $9
Plus $19

There are some pros and cons listed below,


  • Best in class customer service.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Lack of integration with sendgrid marketing campaigns.
  • Lack of internal analytics.

Because you’ll grow your email database over time, you must pick an email service considering the impending demands of your business. The first thing to look for in the best email marketing service is its delivery rate.

Many email marketing services have a bad reputation meaning they don’t deliver to all their subscribers. Therefore, you must make sure that your email marketing service provider helps you deliver effectively. Another thing to take care of is personalization.

While automated campaigns help in nurturing the leads, make sure you effectively personalize them. Always remember that nobody wants to read an email that is addressed to the masses. They want an experience for their own.

Leverage your platform to create professional campaigns and keep a note of your delivery metrics. The best email marketing service will aid you through this journey. Make sure you invest time selecting the one! I hope your emails hit the right sentiments of your customers. Remember to reflect on the values of your business and create content to demonstrate that you care. Your customer-first approach will help you increase conversions and earn a reputation. Be it a blog or eCommerce business, show the best version of your business through emails!

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