How Do Bloggers Get Paid?


Blogging is can be a fun activity for writers. It helps them bring out their creative side, find a reader base, and express their opinions about everything they want.

If you think most bloggers on the Internet write as a hobby, it’s time I let you know on a little secret:  Bloggers are paid well and some even manage to make millions of dollars in a year.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

While it’s not fully transparent how bloggers get paid, there are more than a few ways.

It’s a fair question. After all, you post something online, be it your views, opinions, etc, and get paid in return for that. And guess what? It’s a hundred percent legitimate way to earn money.

Many of you probably are still having a hard time believing this. Well, Pat Flynn, the owner of Smart Passive Income made over $2 million last year through his blog.

Similarly, the Internet is filled with success stories of people who’ve become millionaires now because of their blog.

But, don’t worry if you can’t debunk the mystery of how do bloggers make money. I’ve gone ahead and done it for you!


#1. The Types of Blogging Income

Whether you want to know simply out of curiosity or want to make money out of blogging, this post will help. Before I move onto unraveling the secret, you should know that there are two ways that there are two types of income that bloggers generate:

1. Passive Income

Passive Income is one of the growing income streams in the world today. It is the type of income that gives you and your family freedom, which makes money even when you’re not working at your desk.

In other words, you can earn money without exchanging time for money. For example, membership sites, selling advertisement space, affiliate marketing sales, and even ebook sales, Google Adsense (or any paid for clicks campaign), etc. help in generating passive income.


2. Active Income

Active income is the income you generate when you’re actively working towards something. For example, your nine to five office job helps in generating active income.


Now let’s take a look at the top ways of making money as a blogger-

#2. How Do Bloggers Get Paid And Make Money?

Most online writers start a blog hoping to make money, but the real deal lies in understanding how money is made. If you don’t spend time understanding it, chances are that you might miss making the most of your blog.

Bloggers are often asked how to start a blog and get paid. One of the straightforward ways of earning money through a blog is to set up a self-hosted blog and thereby start publishing great content there. 

Gradually, the organic traffic starts building for your website and helps build a community around your brand. Once it is done, you can start making money by selling something.  These can be products and services, affiliate marketing products among others. It does sound like a simple process!

Even though this may sound pretty straightforward, there are more ways of making money from your blog. More to this, the knowledge of related tips and tricks, the right tools, and a lot of patience is required to watch your dream come true.

1. Step Into Your Customer’s Shoes

The first thing to know about making money as a blogger is to understand the customer’s journey. When people want to look up something, they turn to a search engine, preferably Google.

The nest thing is to type certain terms in the search bar, related to the topic they are looking for. The search engine basically picks up the keywords from the search terms and displays a  list of websites for the user.

These websites rank in the search engine based on a number of parameters. The ones that rank at the top are those where the majority of user traffic is diverted.

As traffic lands on these websites, the opportunity of the bloggers to sell their products and services to people increases. The influx of audience on the blog is directly proportional to the money that a blogger makes. In order words, the more people visit a website, the greater does the website make money.

For this reason, bloggers who own a website focus their energies on creating content that ranks high on the search engines. Once the content ranks high on the search engine, it becomes visible to more people. It’s only intuitive. After all, when searching for something, how many times do you go through the second page of the search engine?

A high ranking content has several parameters. They must have the right keywords in them, must be informative in nature, etc. Here are some of the parameters of blogs that help earn money, which as a blogger you must take care of-

  • Your content must be SEO friendly.
  • You must write articles that provide valuable information.
  • Your website must be mobile-friendly.
  • The layout of your blog is eye-pleasing etc.

Once you work upon the basics of your blog, you can move to the next part of the money-making process, which is selling products or services.

Catching your customers’ attention is important because who will you sell to if you don’t have a customer base. Content plays a major role in deciding the fate of your blog. And you must remember that it is through high-quality content that you can maintain a loyal customer base.

In terms of website traffic, getting new users is as important as retaining old ones. If your return users are less, meaning many users don’t come back to your website, it means either you’re not targeting the right audience or not creating valuable content.

Here’s what the customers’ journey in the online world looks like-

  • Awareness: Inform your customer about your existence.
  • Education: Educate people on why they need their services or product.
  • Engagement: Keep customers engaged through your content.
  • Purchase: This is where you celebrate your conversion.
  • Loyal Fan/Repeat Customer: Bloggers must focus on repeat customers as they need no help from you to make the next purchase.

Make sure you do your best in creating content that your audience falls in love with. Let’s take a look at other aspects of blogging. This is the part where you get paid for all the hard work!

#3. How is Actual Money Generated in the World of Blogging?

1. Affiliate

Affiliate blogging refers to a process where you partner with a company to promote their products on your website. You earn by receiving a commission on every sale that is made from your website. There are various kinds of affiliate marketing and the percentage commission that you receive mostly depends on the terms of the program.

Affiliate programs can help earn a lot of money. They are also one of the best answers to the question,  how do bloggers get paid from their blogs.

The Deep End – Specific Type of Offers in Affiliate Marketing

  • CPC/PPC Ads: Known as the Cost per click, or pay per click, these ads are placed in the form of banners on your website. These are placed in your sidebar, content, etc., Every time a user clicks on it, you are paid a fixed sum of money.
  • CPM Ads: Also known as “cost per 1,000 impressions,” these are the ads that pay you a specific amount of money. They are practically based on the number of people who view your ad.
  • CPL Ads is short for cost per lead. These ads are those where the advertiser pays you for the completion of a lead form. They are mostly used in B2B marketing, where it is less likely that someone will make a purchase immediately. However, it can be a very effective and efficient way to earn money.
  • CPA or CPS refers to the cost per acquisition or cost per sale. In these types of ads, the advertiser pays you only if a purchase is made. These ads are slightly tough to make money but have high rewards if the customer makes a purchase on your blog.
  • CPI is an affiliate program type where the advertiser pays for every app installed through your blog. You can encourage your readers to install apps by creating thought-provoking content. make sure the brand aligns with the niche of your content, so that the readers who land on your website to read content, find the app relatable.

2. Advertising

Another popular blog monetizing techniques is through advertising. In this process, you place the banners of other brands in the space available on your website. For example your sidebar, in between the content. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you get paid for it. 

3. Sell Products

If you have your own line of products, you can sell them on your website. Or, once you start getting traffic, you could create products of your own and market it to your audience. As the audience finds value in your content, they will jump onto purchasing your product.


4. Sponsored Posts

Creating sponsored posts would mean parenting with an organization and creating a content piece that talks about them. Here’s quick catchup on creating sponsored posts-

  • Start by setting up a sponsor page on your website.
  • Create high-quality content that attracts sponsors.
  • Look for brands in your niche and pitch them with your ideas.
  • Take a look at your competition and understand what kind of brand are they sponsoring.
  • Try pitching sponsorships to the brands visible in Google AdSense.

5. Sponsored Reviews

Alternatively, you can also attract sponsors to your blogs who will pay you to write reviews for them. Once you start getting good traffic on your website, you can also reach out to sponsors offering a review on their product. For this,

  • Focus on the design of your blog.
  • Create an advertisement page on your website.
  • Pitch your ideas to potential sponsors.


If you want to rise up the ladder and get paid the most as a blogger, you’ve got to create content starting now. There is a straightforward formula to get paid the most as a blogger. 

7. Valuing The Each Visitor

Value every visitor that visits your website or blog. If you’re wondering why that’s because every visitor contributes to the earnings of your website. Make sure you write relevant content and pay attention to your blog’s numbers.

Here’s a simple formula in which you can understand the value of your new visitor. Select a time period and note down the revenue generated for that particular time period. Next, note down the number of visitors during the same period. Divide the revenue with the visitors to get an estimated value of each visitor.

8. Targeting The Specific Traffic

By targeting the right traffic, you can help your blog prosper. The idea of the right traffic comes from the niche of your blog. For example, if you’re writing content related to sports, your ideal traffic might be people interested in the domain of sports, players, etc.

Before you start targeting people, ask yourself the following questions to get started-

  • Is the content I’m creating relevant to my target audience?
  • Will my target audience be interested in buying the product/service I’m selling on my blog?
  • Will my content add value to my target audience in any way?
  • Am I targeting those people who specifically look for the topics of my niche on Google?

Answering these questions will give you a great deal of insight into understanding your target audience.

In case you are looking to get a detailed insight into the traffic on your website, you can leverage several tools available in the market.  These tools will help you check the quality of traffic on our website.  One of the best and most widely available tools for the task is Google Analytics.

Alternatively, you can also aim to maximize traffic by with the help of following-

  • Get Listed in Online Directories;
  • Build Backlinks;
  • Post to Social Media;
  • Include Hashtags in Your Posts;
  • Use Landing Pages;
  • Target Long-Tail Keywords;
  • Start Email Marketing;
  • Guest Blog.

Remember that the end profit of your website depends both on the traffic you’re getting and the value of every visitor.

Blog Profit = Traffic*Value of Visitors

#4. Bloggers Ultimately Make Money: They Sell Something Or Help In Selling Something

While starting a blog might seem like an easy task, making money out of it is a tough nut to crack. You need to set yourself apart, work towards it, and then watch the traffic pour into your website.

Whether you’re selling a product or service or using your blog for the branding, don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zones and experiment.

1. Sell Memberships or Digital Products or Monetize on Ads

Be it in the form of buttons, links, banners, etc. ads can help in generating revenue instantly. You can even make money by writing sponsored posts where you inform the user about a product or give a review of an advertiser’s product or service.


Alternatively, you can write an underwritten post or series, where you can write about any topic, and the advertiser pays for a “Brought to you by” mention in the content.

Another answer to how do bloggers get paid can be selling memberships in the exclusive corners of your website. For example, you can charge your customers for letting them read some exclusive reports or content pieces. The key here is that be sure you are developing something of value and worth the price.

One of the fastest ways to make money would be selling digital products which can include items like online courses/workshops, ebooks, images, video, or music people can use in their content, Apps, plugins, or themes, etc.

#5. You can use it as a Content Marketing Tool for Your Business.

Think of your blog as a content marketing tool where you drive visitors to increase your traffic. It helps to sell physical products on your blog and make money.


You can also use your blog to build credibility in the eyes of the customer. Establish yourself as an expert in the industry by writing niche content for your readers.

Always remember that if people don’t read your content, you are not going to make any money from your blog. Clickbait might land visitors to your website, but over time Google realizes such sources and stops ranking them higher in the search engine.

Therefore, put your readers first, no matter what. After all, they are the ones who are going to make you money.

Lastly, don’t forget to experiment and tweak elements in your blog. Discover what works best for you and your readers through testing as it will help you make data-backed decisions and maximize your income opportunity from your blog.

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