MailerLite Review: Best All-Round Email Marketing Suite?


The ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing was $38 in 2015. As of 2019, the ROI’s gone up to $42 per dollar spent.

Email marketing is not just effective it is also consistent in reaping excellent results, regardless of what your aim is or what niche you operate in. 

But the competition is relentless, and the need for having the right email marketing strategy and the right tools to implement it has never been greater.

While MailChimp and AWeber are popular email marketing solutions, MailerLite offers the same features at better prices.

I will review MailerLite to determine if you can count on the suite for your email marketing needs. 

History of MailerLite

MailerLite first started as a web design agency back in 2005, but later in 2010, the company created and launched the first versions of the email marketing suite.

The company is now 96 strong, comprising of writers, marketers, designers, and developers from across the world. The team is distributed over 16 countries and helps almost 900,000 businesses and individuals drive more clicks and make more sales.

MailerLite was recognized as the fifth fastest-growing SaaS business by SaaS Magazine in 2019.

MailerLite Features

MailerLite impresses with features that help you connect to your audience and convert them into paying customers. It also helps keep track of campaign successes and enables you to find and improve upon your oversights. 

Ease of Use

My experience with MailerLite has been positive right from the start. Signing up is simple – all you need to do is enter some basic details and complete your profile. 


While that is easy to do, you will need to request profile approval from MailerLite before you can upgrade your plan.


After you get your account approved, the ‘Welcome’ page will disappear, and the ‘Dashboard’ page will take its place

The Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your campaigns, subscribers, and plan. The page also has subscriber growth stats, automation stats, and form stats, which enable you to track progress at a glance.


MailerLite is affordable, but no compromises are made when it comes to features. 

Grow Your Audience

The suite comes with all the tools you would need to garner an audience.

The website builder is easy to access. All you need to do is navigate to the Sites section and click on the Websites tab.


After clicking on the Create button, you must first name your website. The name you give is only for internal use, and you can change it later. You must also select subscriber groups for your site; it helps with organizing the websites you create.

MailerLite offers a dozen beautiful templates apt for all types of websites.  


All of the templates are customizable, and customization is made easy with MailerLite’s intuitive drag and drop website builder.

The builder functions using Blocks, which is similar to how Gutenberg works on WordPress. All the elements can be edited individually, and you can add new elements using the menu on the right. 


The Pages and Settings tabs in the customization menu enable you to alter the layout of the page, add or remove page header and footer, and also add a sticky bar. You can customize the background, the call to action (CTA) button, form elements, navigation bars, and a lot more. 

Creating landing pages is just as easy. You can create one from the Landing Pages tab in the Sites section. The process is also the same; you must name your landing page and select subscription groups before you can access the templates.

MailerLite offers almost three dozen landing page templates, each of which is just as striking as the next.


The landing page builder is similar to the website builder – you can add new blocks via the drag-and-drop interface and customize existing ones with ease.


You can also customize the success page from the same builder interface by clicking on the Success Page link on the top of the page.

After you customize your website or landing page, you are redirected to a Page Settings page where you can set a custom URL for the page, add a favicon, and configure SEO, social sharing, and analytics settings.


You can also create Popups, Forms, and Promotions to engage with users and nudge them into the next section of your sales funnel.

MailerLite offers a host of customizable templates for all of these elements, making the design process both faster and easier.


The suite also comes with a nifty set of subscriber management features that enables you to maintain your database of customer and prospect emails. It also lets you target specific groups, measure growth, and remove inactive subscribers from your mailing list.


Contact Optimization Features

Reviewing MailerLite, I found that it offers a range of marketing optimization features that help you make the most of every opportunity you get to convert your subscribers

The A/B split testing feature sends out two different versions of your email to small portions of your group. The more successful email out of the two, that is, the one that engages more subscribers is then sent to the remainder of the group automatically.

Setting up split testing is super simple; all you need to do is choose the type of testing you want to do and enter the campaign’s details under the A/B Split Campaign tab in the Campaigns section of MailerLite.


Additionally, regardless of which type of campaign you set up, you can deliver emails based on time zones using the options at the end of setup. The feature enables you to deliver emails according to your subscribers’ local time.


Setting up auto resend campaigns is one of the best ways to maximize engagement. The subscribers that do not open the first campaign email are sent a second email with a different subject line, different personal messages, or different email content.


If you run a blog, you can automate emails by creating an RSS campaign. An email is sent automatically every time you post on your blog.

You also get the schedule controls, which can help you reach users at times when they’re most likely to interact with the email.


Campaign Building Features

In addition to offering different types of campaigns, Mailerlite gives you access to a range of templates and editors that make email marketing a lot faster and more convenient. 

With MailerLite, I find that the suite consistently makes creating marketing material easy. 

You can quickly create a campaign email by using a template or build an email from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor, rich text editor, or HTML code.


You can also integrate MailerLite with your Shopify or WooCommerce store and send abandoned cart emails and more to your prospects and customers.

Marketing Automation Features

Creating marketing workflows is one of the best ways of ensuring that you keep your subscribers engaged. 

MailerLite Automations can help you automatically send welcome emails to new subscribers, re-engage visitors that abandoned their carts, send birthday discount codes, and more.

The intuitive workflow builder makes creating automation extraordinarily simple.


MailerLite’s tagging/interest group features enable you to organize new subscribers in groups automatically as they sign up for your email list.

You can integrate checkboxes into your popup form and sort users into interest groups directly.


Personalizing emails is as simple as adding the right variables, and MailerLite also enables you to target subscribers based on their engagement. Targeting high-intent subscribers can boost conversion rates.



Reviewing MailerLite, I found its reporting pages to be easy to read. 

The pages help analyze a host of metrics, and you can see all the important stats at a glance. The easy to understand charts enable you to get insight into your email campaigns.


MailerLite also enables you to embed surveys onto your website, email, and newsletter, and supplies you with a neat backend that gives you a clear picture of what your subscribers think.


The suite also enables you to track wherein the email your subscribers click the most. Click mapping can help you determine what type of content your subscribers prefer more.


The Opens By Location feature is another nifty tracking feature that helps you see where your campaigns are most effective.



MailerLite integrates with almost 100 of the most popular marketing-related services, including Zapier, OptInMonster, Facebook, and Squarespace.

The integrations make it possible for you to create a more efficient workflow where you don’t need to switch between tools to market products.

Overall, MailerLite supplies excellent value for money with the host of marketing features it offers.

MailerLite Vs. The Competition

MailerLite is priced aggressively lower than both MailChimp and ConvertKit, both of which are considered to be the most reliable email marketing tools.

However, both MailChimp and ConvertKit skimp out on surveys; they do not offer the features to create interactive surveys for emails.

Many of the most popular email marketing tools do not supply landing page builders and unsubscribe page builders, but with MailerLite, you do not have to rely on other tools to create these pages.

MailerLite offers a rich set of campaign optimization features, ensuring that you make the most of every marketing opportunity you get.

All the great offerings, coupled with the excellent pricing and stellar customer service, make MailerLite the superior email marketing tool.

MailerLite’s Pricing

You can try out MailerLite for free and manage up to a thousand subscribers with their free plan. You must keep in mind that you cannot access many of the advanced features if using the free plan.

Getting the $10 plan unlocks all of the locked features in the free plan, but the subscriber limit is still a thousand.

The price bumps up to $15 if you’re looking to manage 2500 subscribers, $30 if you want to manage 5000, and so on.

You can find the exact price you will need to pay using the slider on MailerLite’s pricing page.

Although support is free, if you’re looking to get priority support, you will need to get MailerPro that comes in at $100/month. It gives you access to 24/7 support without waiting times.

MailerLite Analysis: Pros and Cons


Easy to Use

Although MailerLite is cheaper, it supplies an excellent user experience and uncomplicates the advanced features enough for a beginner to use them with ease.

Ease of use is something MailerLite does not compromise on.

Fantastic Reporting Features

Measuring successes and gaining insight from failures is made easy with its detailed reporting pages. 


MailerLite is the most affordable premium email marketing tool on the market. Feature-wise, it has just as much to offer or more, when compared to more expensive email marketing solutions.

The free plan doesn’t even require a credit card. Getting approved is all you need to use MailerLite.


No Spam Testing

With email providers putting forth more stringent spam barriers, spam testing is critical for email marketing success.

Unfortunately, MailerLite does not offer any spam testing features, meaning you will need another tool to find out if your emails are landing in the Spam folder rather than the Inbox.

Stern Approval System

Getting an account on MailerLite requires you to get approval from the company, for which you must describe your business and give them all the details. 

Their algorithm decides the outcome of the approval stage, and customer support cannot help you if the algorithm does not approve your account.


Affordable email marketing solutions that make no compromises are hard to come by. While MailerLite does lack spam testing features and makes getting an account challenging, its excellent prices and the massive range of features more than make up for these pitfalls. 

If you’re looking for a tool that boosts email marketing ROI even further than the current standard, in my analysis, MailerLite is perfect for you.

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