How to Make Money Online for Free During Corona Crisis

How to Make Money Online for Free during Corona Crisis

Of all the things that have been made easy over the Internet, making money will be probably the most prominent. 

You have so many options to choose from to make money you will be surprised as to how easily people can and are making money right now. The best part about this is that you can start making money straight from the comfort of your home. 

You might be wondering whether making money is really possible? The answer is, yes. There are lots of different ways to make money. The hard part is to find which one works well for you. With so many options available, you will have to dedicate a good amount of time to figure out how each of the different ways of making money works and which gives you the best return.

So in this article, I try to cover some of the different ways on how to make money online for free. 

But do you have to invest anything?

Well, you don’t have to invest in every other method that I mention here. But some of the methods do require some sort of investment. But you should also know that the more you invest, the more you will get at the end.

So without further ado, let’s jump into ways to make money online.

How to Make Money Online for Free

#1: Sell your services

1. Fiverr


With the Internet, making money out of your hobbies has been made easy with the coming of websites like Fiverr. 

This is especially a boon for freelancers all around the world as they now have a platform where they can get paid easily without any problem. Moreover, they can get clients anywhere from the world. 

What’s amazing about these websites is the range of services they offer: from SEO consultancy to graphic designing to writing student’s essays; you can always find something that you do best and something that you can offer it to other people. 

To start off with you gotta figure out what your hobby is and what you can do better than others. Some of us are good at designing, some at writing, and some at editing. Once you know what you are good at you can check out other profiles that offer similar services and how do they do their job, this will give you a rough idea of how to go about it. 

Even if you feel you don’t have anything special to give I would highly suggest you check out the different gigs that people ask. I’m pretty sure you will find something that you can excel in. 

Plus with Fiverr things are easy and straightforward, you don’t have to worry about getting regular payments as everything is taken care of from their end. It is a big platform and a lot of freelancers as such trust and uses it for their freelance job. 

2. VIPKids


There’s a good chance since you are reading this article you have above-average English reading and speaking skills. How about making it to use? 

There are tons of websites on the Internet where you can teach others English. You won’t believe how big of a market that is. Especially students from China are keen to learn English to stay relevant in the world and talk to their western counterparts.

In fact, there’s a website exclusively for that: VIPKids. Instead of adults, you get to teach young Chinese kids with the comfort of sitting on your couch with pajamas on. So if you have a thing for teaching and want to do it without getting out of the house for once you should definitely check this out.

3. Transcribe Anywhere


On the same lines as above, if you are good with English–, especially with writing, you may want to explore this option. 

In transcription, you basically convert content from speech to text. This means you simply have to put it into the text after listening to audio/video. Companies and institutions often prefer to have transcript records of various events for legal purposes. Transcript services are specially required in industries such as medical and legal.

With a surge in people consuming more and more video content, companies behind them might want to have transcript records for them.

Services such as transcribe anywhere do a great job of helping you with transcription. They offer you a small course on the basics of transcription and help you out with finding transcription jobs. 

#2: Participate in Surveys


This is one of the easiest ways on how to make money online for beginners.

Companies often need to get feedback on their products and they often make use of websites such as Survey Junkie. Once people make an account on that specific website, they are asked small surveys which usually take 5-10 mins to answer frequently. For each survey you answer, you get a small amount credited to you. Based on your profile and the details you have submitted, surveys are targeted specifically to something you have a rough knowledge about.

You can either redeem the money via transferring it to your PayPal account (but usually they have a limit before you can take out money) or you can redeem your money by making use of gift cards (usually these are of Amazon and Target). 

There are other websites like Swagbucks and Vindale Research which act as great alternatives to survey junkie. 

But let me tell you one important thing, Swagbucks and Survey Junkie gives you points which you can redeem. But these points may not correspond to actual cents and dollars. On the other hand with Vindale, they claim to offer you high paying surveys, and instead of showing how many points you have it directly shows how many dollars you have earned. Thus, cutting away any funny business and keeping it straight and simple.

#3: Get an Online Job


Gone are the days when you had to wear suits and go to the office to do your regular 9-5. Now you can do your job from your home. The Internet has pushed people to explore alternative options in the form of work from home opportunities. 

Although websites like Fiverr helps you with gigs, many companies to cut cost tries by looking for work from home employees. Websites like internet publication companies might want to offload the costs of renting an office and running it, so they instead tend to keep writers on the payroll with work from home opportunities.

You can look for online jobs through job portals (whichever is famous in your country) and you will more often than not find a bunch of online jobs especially in the domain of writing, VA, and management.

When it comes to writing, companies try to have some in-house writers for all the writing work that needs to be done. This includes writing posts for a company’s website to writing content for their social media profiles. If you want to stick to a company for job security purposes, this can be a great option.

Other options are working as a Virtual Assistant (VA) or in management. Every company has a top person handling all the important stuff and every kind of person needs an assistant. But now with the Internet more and more people are dependent on making use of web apps and tools which don’t necessarily need a person to be present at the office. Hence, to cut down on costs, companies are preferring to hire online virtual assistants to deal with small nitty-gritty tasks like arranging meetings and fixing schedules.

#4: Start a Blog


More and more people have started reading online over offline publications. That’s why you see top publishing companies like Time and Forbes moving online. As more and more readers are scouring the internet to find something interesting to read or something to help solve their problems, you can provide people with exactly that type of content.

You can start blogging about anything you like, provide your insight on the topic, and build a good reader base. After building a dedicated audience you can look out for monetizing the blog with the help of ads and affiliate marketing

It does involve you putting in money, but with the constant effort, you can see your efforts bring fruit gradually.

#5: Renting out your house


In the quest to answer the question of how to make money online for free people often tend to forget about how to make use of things that they have. 

We often tend to make investments for a better future by buying houses and jewelry. These types of investments always pay in the future as they more often tend to get expensive with passing time. 

If you happen to have a second house how about renting it? 

Backpackers often try to look for Airbnb rooms over hotels as they are expensive. Plus Airbnb homes tend to give a home-ly effect which a lot of people dig, making them desirable. 

If the second house you have is a ranch, cottage, farmhouse, or somewhere near a major tourist place you should explore the option of putting it on Airbnb. Sure there may be some minor investments, but you will most likely have a constant flow of people to your AirBnB house and make money from home online. 

#6: Start trading in stocks and bonds


Investing and trading in stocks and securities is a risky job but now you can do it from your phone or laptop from your house. If you have a thing for investing and have a proven record you can do all the investing and managing funds all by yourself. 

A lot of amateur traders have made hundreds of thousands of dollars trading in Forex markets and stock markets. Working from home gives you a slight advantage, as you can spend more time with your family and still be in touch with the market every other moment.

#7: Make Youtube videos


Youtube in its initial years was thought to be something like a hobby. A place where you could do wacky things and put it up for the world to see, and who knows, might get viral in the process as well. 

But over a decade’s time, Youtube has turned out to be a platform that gave birth to a career in making youtube videos a legitimate option for people to choose from. 

You can find videos of all the different types of niche: from sports commentary, podcasts, cooking, and so on. Finding a category that is less competitive is hard, but no matter what niche you choose for yourself, with the constant effort, you can get to the top and make a handsome amount of money. 

YouTubers like PewdiePie earn in millions which just shows the enormous potential this platform holds. What is more important is that you provide something different so that users would love to see your video. Building an audience is important to start making money. 

#8: Start Consulting


On the same lines as writing jobs, a lot of consulting jobs are also moving online. This is especially beneficial for the people who offer consultancy as they can get more clients around the globe. 

People like tax consultants and educational consultants start their online service by forming their own Facebook groups and Internet websites. They usually offer their consultancy over video calls and exchanges through mails

What’s important to make it in this domain is that you need to prove it to others that you have credible knowledge and experience to back your consultancy advice. So if you have a good number of years’ experience in any domain you can surely start a consultancy in that domain. As people often look for expert’s advice and consultancy on how to start their own offering in that domain. 

If you don’t have much experience you should probably not try to dip your hands into this.

#9: Become a content writer


On the flip side of becoming a writer, you need not be bound to a certain company or website. You can become a freelance writer and write content on a consignment basis. They can be of different websites and niches.

There’s both an advantage and a disadvantage for choosing freelance writing. The advantage is that if you are not bound by a company you are open to taking writing jobs and tasks from anywhere and anyone. 

The disadvantage is there’s no guarantee whether you will be supplied with a steady flow of work. If you have made it big and have a lot of experience in the industry, maybe that guarantees certain security as more and more companies would like to get their content written by the top writers.

Websites such as Fiverr and the freelancer will help you get freelance writing jobs and you won’t have to look for answers to how to make money online for free. 

#10: Generate Leads for other business


Businesses are often in need of leads. Leads help them to identify people who can become their clients. No matter what industry you are in, finding leads is an important component of market research and helps to identify your audience better to formulate things. 

Hence it makes sense that no matter what the platform is businesses will still look for people who can help them find effective leads. This brings a major advantage to people who can generate leads as they can get more clients all over the world. 

The only prerequisite is that companies prefer to tend to get people on board who have a proven track record of delivering leads. So you should focus on building a good portfolio and have a testimonial of sorts that can help you get jobs like this easily. 

#11: Create an online course


If you have a lot of experience in certain activities: such as graphic designing or video editing, how about making a course out of that? 

Earlier people used to take offline classes to make money on the side, but then you will always have to face the problem like maintaining a schedule and renting places to name a few.

With the coming of websites like Udemy now you can create a single course that can later be accessed by people all around the globe. This helps a lot for tutors as you don’t have to teach from scratch, you just have to solve people’s doubts and queries. 

Especially during the Corona pandemic, more and more people are flocking to websites where they can learn something new. This is a new trending opportunity and if you have something new to offer, you surely will be blessed by a good number of people and in the process earning good revenue.

#12: Write and self-publish a book


Do you have a thing for writing? Do you have some ideas you always wanted to write a book about?

Earlier you had to go through a lot of problems to publish a book. You had to fix meetings with book publishers, pitch them your book idea, and convince them that they should publish your book. Out of all those pitches, only a select few got approved. While all the other writers in a dejected fashion just gave up on their dream of writing books again.

Not so with the Internet. You can now write and self-publish your book. Granted you have to take care of designing, proof-reading and promoting but you now have a platform where people can directly read books over the Internet. 

A lot of books you can find on Amazon are in fact self-published. Amazingly you can even find books on how to make online for free! If you want to self-publish your own book you will find a lot of guides on the internet with a detailed guide on how to go about doing that.

#13: Invest in domain names


I love this one! With the coming of the internet, more and more websites and blogs are being put up every minute. With this, a lot of domains are being taken up as well. 

A lot of domains with TLD  (top-level domain) extension .com are taken to the point that people have to resort to using other new extension-based websites. But the demand for TLD domains is always there. It helps you to rank better in search engines and plus you wouldn’t want to give it a hard time for your users to remember what extension your website has (considering they have to remember your domain name first!).

This is one of the reasons people known as domain flippers buy good and professional sounding domains in advance. When companies want to open a new website they like to go for professional sounding domains. This is exactly where domain flippers charge a higher fee than the fee at which they bought it in the first place.  

You can easily make money in domain flipping, you need some money and a lot of time in hand to do domain name hunting.

#14: Trade cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies became famous when bitcoin, one type of cryptocurrency, started trading at $15,000 per bitcoin. Although the price has fallen since then it still shows promising results.

With the penetration of the internet in our daily lives, we are more likely to adapt to using cryptocurrencies as they provide an alternate and a secure medium to transact money. One can make use of this fact and look for promising cryptocurrencies to invest right now as their price is more likely to go up in the future.

#15: Start a print-on-demand business


Earlier if you wanted to provide your own customized shirts, mugs, etc. you were supposed to buy all the machinery like machines for printing, shirts and had to manage stocks. Plus there is always a chance that demand is low for your products because of which stock remains in your warehouse leading to an increase in storage cost.

Now with the help of print on demand services like RedBubble and CafePress you can forego the process of keeping all the other processes centralized with you. You can leave the job of printing and delivering it to them. The only thing you have to do is to design your products and put it up on their website and promote the same products across different channels.

Once a user buys it, the company will start printing your designs on the products and then deliver it to the user within a fixed time (at most 2 weeks usually). Thus if you are a graphic designer you can make use of this amazing service to start your own print product business without investing much.

#16: Do micro jobs


What if you wanted to know how to make money online without paying anything? The answer is micro-jobs. 

There are websites that give you small easy tasks to do daily in return of cash. Two such companies in this domain are TaskRabbit and Mturk. Mturk is in fact run by Amazon. 

They have a listing of a wide variety of jobs such as people required for validating data, participating in surveys, moderating data, and so on. Although the payout is not very high, you are promised a steady flow of different types of jobs. 

TaskRabbit has different types of requirements for people who are into mounting televisions, transporting heavy items, laundry and delivery services, and so on. You can easily find some tasks that can be done just by giving your time. 

#17: Get a remote job


Amazon has its own job-board which consists of a lot of remote jobs you can do. Some of the jobs are from companies present in Sweden, Costa Rica, Portugal, etc. 

The only requirement is that you should know English and be competent in whatever field they are looking for jobs for (for example customer service associate, digital support associate, and so on). 

They will most likely prefer to choose a person who has some experience so be aware of that. Although even if you don’t have any you can hope that you get selected for a remote job and start building your experience from there. 

#18: Selling your old stuff


Perhaps the easiest way to make instant money online absolutely free. 

Oftentimes we just turn lazy to look for things which we don’t need and even if we find out we don’t know what we should do about it. 

Selling your old stuff helps you in two ways: it helps you clean your house and at the same time make money out of it. Granted, you may not make a dime out of every product that you have to offer but some of the items can give you a good fetch. 

Websites such as OLX and Craiglist can easily help you buyers for such items. They have a good number of people interested in using 2nd hand products.

#19: Create an App


Now, this requires you to have some kind of tech knowledge as to how apps are built. 

In case you don’t know programming don’t worry. With the coming of websites like Freelancer, you can post gigs for others to make games for you as well. You only have to think about how your app is going to work and formulate a plan accordingly. Once you have a plan you can post a gig request and developers will do the rest. 

This process requires you to invest a good amount of money but with proper planning, you can have a good ROI. By making sure your app is being used by lots of people you can then easily monetize it by displaying ads. 

So that brings us to the answer of how to make online for free.


Should you focus on all these methods?

This will be one of the questions in your mind by the time you have finished reading all the points: what should I focus on exactly?

The answer to that is to try making progress with one method. After trying one method and you know it is generating cash for you, then you can try to explore other options out. This way even if you find out the second method doesn’t work out for you, you still have the first option as a backup. 

If something doesn’t work for you just simply shift to the next one. But remember, to try to focus on one method at a time. Trying to focus on too many things at once will only prevent you from getting to know the true potential of any single method of making money.

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