SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?


Do you want your online visitors to fall in love with your landing pages? Then you need a world-class hosting that only makes your website accessible, but at the same time, gives you the independence to unleash your creativity and provide unparalleled browsing experience to your visitors.

Web hosting is the soul of your website. It fuels your website not only to entertain website visitors but convert them as lifelong buyers.

If you provide them excellent brand experience, they will keep coming to your business to purchase your services.

That’s precisely what SiteGround does. Ever since its inception in 2004, SiteGround has powered thousands of websites around the world with lightning-fast hosting and reliable performance.

Just after three years of its launch, SiteGround has successfully hosted more than 50,000 websites on the planet. And it is currently managing 2,000,000 domains. But more about it later.

SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

Trying a website hosting is not like trying apparel, except changing the apparel is easy. Changing hosting and transferring the entire website is a tiresome process, and one must avoid it at all costs.

Therefore, you must choose the right hosting for your website. But hosting providers are so many that users might get overwhelmed if the user does not have technical knowledge.

To help you out, we have made a list of factors you must look after to host a website.

What factors should you judge a hosting on?


Hosting provider’s reliability means it can cope with any website requirements.

Not every business requires a single landing page website where they can showcase the portfolio. Sometimes the product and service catalog is enormous, so hosting should function properly.

Hosting providers must have security, email, and support management to cope with dynamic requirements.

If the hosting provider does not have relevant technology and useful features, its users will have to suffer, which eventually impacts the hosting provider’s business.

○ Performance

The performance of the server majorly includes speed, security, user-friendliness, and scalability.

Ensure that the hosting provider has excellent CPU performance and faster loading speed. If pages load slowly, and users have to wait to access the content, the user experience will be affected, which eventually impacts the website’s conversion rate.

Please note that your hosting provider’s performance impacts the SEO of your website. Since loading speed is one of the important ranking factors, you have to make sure that your hosting is loading quickly.

Server uptime is also a crucial performance metric. Suppose a server claims that 99% uptime, that means per day, for 14.4 minutes, your website will be down. That’s a massive loss if you are a big eCommerce brand SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

○ Features

SSL, CDN, backups, email, and dashboard are essential features that websites would need. So, make sure the hosting provider is giving these features to you. Some providers, like SiteGround, may give you all or some of these features as free addons.

Some hosting providers also limit how visitors can entertain in a month. So, also check that.

○ Customer Support

Excellent customer support for website hosting is like a best friend to the website owner. Because the customer support desks ensure that regardless of what happens, website owners will get technical help.

So, check whether your hosting provider gives you 24/7 customer support. A right hosting provider provides customer support on various channels like email, ticket, live chat, or call.

That’s it for the critical parameters to look for before deciding the hosting provider.

Now, let’s discuss what SiteGround has in its bag.

What does SiteGround offer

SiteGround offers an array of packages of hosting.

SiteGround can handle any website requirement, including blog, portfolio, brand website, eCommerce platform, SaaS platform, and cloud server.

SiteGround has four types of hosting, Regular, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Cloud.


Regular hosting is suitable for small to medium-sized websites to create lightning-fast landing pages and attractive websites for their prospects.

This is the perfect option for people who are not aware of web development activities. SiteGround helps you with user-friendly website builders for free with all the plans.

SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

You can choose between Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, or WooCommerce to install on Regular hosting. You can install either of these CMS with a single-click installation.

You can create and manage databases, emails, park domains, and do other necessary activities with no extra cost.

You get free WordPress installation if required, and free daily backups. You can cache your website to make it easily accessible thanks to the free Cloudflare CDN that comes with every plan.

○ WP hosting

If you want to have a website using WordPress CMS, you can go with Managed WordPress hosting by SiteGround.

SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

Managed WordPress hosting by WordPress, as the name goes, handles everything regarding WordPress automatically. Whether you need to upgrade the WordPress version, plugins, themes, widgets, everything will be updated automatically.

This way, you don’t have to look after all of these activities. This Managed WP Solution will allow people with less technical knowledge of web development to manage stunning websites.

○ WooCommerce

Grow your online sales by developing responsive and attractive stores on WooCommerce.

SiteGround helps business owners go digital and have a responsive store with Managed WooCommerce solutions.

With a single click, you can install the content management system on your website. It has other addons like email, CDN, WP Migrator, WP Installation, etc. It also provides CLI and SSH access to get granular control over the website.

○ Cloud Hosting

You can get your entire business online by signing up for the robust cloud hosting service on SiteGround.

The cloud hosting is the perfect solution for websites that could be managed on dedicated and shared hosting.

You get multiple CPU cores, SSD storage, and terabytes of data transfer rate on cloud hosting by SiteGround.

For website owners who haven’t signed up for cloud hosting before might find it overwhelming. But SiteGround’s dedicated support to configure and maintain your cloud account will make the process a lot easier.

SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

You can have multiple sub-accounts with your cloud hosting and manage the entire web asset seamlessly. This will allow you to give your client his hosting that would look like a standalone account while in the backend, it will be a part of your cloud.

You get SSH access to gain granular control over the backend of your website. You also get a dedicated IP address, which is excellent.

Except for Cloud hosting, the rest of them have different plans, which is discussed in the latter part of the blog. But all of them have got some great addons that you should be aware of. 

Let’s discuss what we get with GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Host unlimited websites (GrowBig and GoGeek plans)

With two plans of Regular, WordPress, and WooCommerce hostings, you can host unlimited websites on SiteGround.

That’s an excellent value for money if you have several websites. Agencies and affiliate marketers will leverage this and have many sites in one place only.

20GB storage

With SiteGround, you don’t have to worry about the storage capacity for your website.

You get 20 GB (40 GB with GoGeek) of space, which is secure and robust.

You can upload videos, documents, landing pages, and everything will work smoothly for your visitors.

25K visitors/month

You can manage at least 25,000 visitors in a month. That is a good number for agency websites and brands. Bloggers with less than 25,000 visitors can also leverage this hosting’s performance.

Free migration

SiteGround provides a comprehensive approach to site management.

It takes all the heavy burden and makes your site transfer process effortless. You just have to install a plugin from SiteGround to automate the process.

You get several attempts to migrate your site. And when you hit that limit, you have to pay $30 charges to migrate each website to SiteGround.

Free SSL

As you may know, SSL is essential to encrypt the channel between the web server and the browser. And it also helps in SEO rankings.

With all SiteGround plans, you get a free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt, which is a trustworthy SSL provider in the market.

This will save you a lot of money if you’re buying an SSL certificate for your website.

Free daily backups

Every plan gives you a daily backup feature where SiteGround manages 30 copies per account. This can be life-saver if something goes wrong, and the website stops loading.

You can instantly get back live by restoring one of the backups and let visitors access the content.

SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

Unlimited free email accounts

Businesses look professional online when they have email addresses of their domain name. Otherwise, they seem a random entity, period.

SiteGround allows you to have unlimited email addresses with your domain name. You get a user-friendly webmail interface to manage them.


SiteGround offers friendly programming activities through staging.

Now, you can test your source code by creating multiple copies of your site. This way, your main website can still function, and you can verify your code’s performance with live testing.

Team collaboration

You can have smart collaborations if you have a team of developers, designers, marketers, and writers who are working on a website.

Siteground allows you to create separate accounts and login to maintain productivity and concurrency in your in-house tasks.

On-demand backup

With On-demand backups, you can request an instant backup to SiteGround.

This will assure you whenever you roll-out updates on your sites. If something goes wrong, you can restore the backup.

SSD storage for fast performance

SiteGround’s every plan gives SSD storage to achieve high performance and superior loading speed for your website.

SSD storage ensures better security and scalable performance that results in a higher browsing experience.

Powered by Google Cloud

SiteGround’s servers are powered by Google Cloud, which is best-in-class in the business.

You can expect high-quality performance from the hosting by SiteGround, thanks to Google Cloud.

100% renewable energy match

Usually, server workstations produce a lot of heat and waste that may harm the environment. Plus, at the rate of which this digital landscape is evolving, the workstations will increase as well.

SiteGround practices 100% renewable energy for all its functioning, which is excellent. recommends SiteGround

Industry leaders trust SiteGround for their performance.

The, the development community of the popular CMS on the planet, recommends this hosting provider, and that shows how good SiteGround is.

Should you go with SiteGround or use another hosting?

That depends on your goals and expectations.

As far as SiteGround goes, it is undoubtedly the right hosting provider. Developers and website owners will love SiteGround for its features and performance.

It takes backup every day, which is helpful to developers and designers who can confidently test the code without worrying about losing the data.

Owners can have unlimited email addresses, which saves a lot of money and makes businesses look more professional and accessible in front of target customers.

You will get a high loading speed, and manage WordPress and WooCommerce hosting major technical tasks on its own.

All the plans include dedicated support on live chat and email. The experienced support team from SiteGround is always there to fulfill your needs.

Although pricing is a bit on the higher side, the performance and usefulness you get make SiteGround worth for almost any website requirement.

SiteGround Pricing

The basic price starts at $3.95/month, which is not super cost-effective compared to market rates.

The Regular, WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting by SiteGround have got three different plans. You get to choose between Startup ($3.95/month), GrowBig ($5.95/month), or GoGeek ($11.95/month).

SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

GrowBig and GoGeek allow you to host unlimited websites and give features like on-demand backup, CDN, staging, and team collaborations.

Another hosting is Cloud that comes with Entry ($80/month), Business ($120/month), Business Plus ($160/month), and superpower ($240/month ).

SiteGround Pros

Managed WP hosting

All your WordPress hosting management is covered with SiteGround.

You don’t have to worry about security, speed, CMS updates, daily backup, scalability, uptime, and database management for WordPress website on SiteGround.

This is an excellent feature for non-technical business owners who can now develop, manage, and scale their websites.

Customer-centric and user-friendly backend

To make your website function better and load faster, you have to take care of your website’s back end.

The robust backend gives high-performing frontend and scalable website management. From individual freelance bloggers to a full-time web development agency, SiteGround can work for anyone.

○ Superb uptime

SiteGround has got 99% uptime, and it practices schedule downtime. So, you will get a notification from the SiteGround support if they are planning a downtime.

Plus, the automatic backup of websites by SiteGround will limit the effects of downtown and make the landing pages almost always available.

○ Helpful customer support

Whenever you need any help, technical or creative, the top-rated support staff of SiteGround is always there to guide you.

For higher plans, you will get dedicated support and a quick response from the team.

SiteGround Review: Is it a Perfect Hosting for Newbies?

 SiteGround Cons

High renewal rates

Just like most of the hosting providers, SiteGround’s renewal rates are expensive.

It is already charging slightly higher for the first purchase compared to what other providers charge, but when it comes to renewal, we have to pay a lot of money.

○ Monthly plans require a setup fee

You will have to pay the setup fee, which is $14.95 if you are going for a monthly plan. So, the total cost of using the hosting just for a month is $18.90, which is very expensive.

Limit to the number of visitors

SiteGround limits the number of visitors that you can entertain at a time as per your plan.

Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek give you 10,000 25,000 and 100,00 visitors, respectively. If you have a popular website and have millions of traffic, SiteGround is not the right fit for you.

No free domain name (other hosts offer this)

When you purchase hosting, you cannot register one domain for free.

You either have to connect your existing domain or purchase a domain separately on SiteGround. Other hosting providers like Bluehost and GoDaddy give you one domain for free for the first year.

SiteGround Competition

SiteGround is a reliable hosting provider, so you never have to worry about the quality of services and performance.

Although it charges a slightly higher amount, it is worth every penny compared to how robust servers and world-class support you get.

You can try GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator if you prefer, but at this price point, SiteGround provides the best performance, period.


Let me know in the comments about what you think about SiteGround after reading this article.

I hope now you can decide whether you want to go with this hosting or not.

If you have any other questions or want to add something regarding this blog, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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