GeneratePress Review: The Perfect WordPress Theme?


Even if you are at the initial stage of building your website, many factors go into planning, be it writing engaging content or creating a website with an eye-catching design.

Most people don’t give importance to the process of choosing a great theme for their site. Either they are not wary of this aspect, or they don’t know how to use them to their best.

So, how should you choose a great WordPress theme?


Go for a theme that has a design that helps you support your goal. It needs to be attractive, but without compromising on usability and simplicity.


At least 50 percent of your traffic is going to come from mobile devices. Most of the WordPress themes are already responsive by default.

But still, some sellers are selling fixed-width layouts that are not responsive at all. Make sure that the theme you choose is responsive.

Browser Compatibility

Your audience may use different internet browsers to access your website. Most developers test their themes regressively by using some sophisticated browser compatibility tools.

Usually, they mention browser compatibility on their website. If they don’t, you can always run some tests using different browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.


The real power of WordPress comes with its plugins. They make it possible for you to do anything with your WordPress site.

Make sure that your WordPress theme supports all the popular plugins.


Your theme plays a crucial role in your website’s SEO friendliness. It could be difficult for beginners to analyze a theme’s source code. So usually, every theme developer will let you know whether their pages are optimized or not.

So, which is the best theme that supports all these requirements and more?

GeneratePress – A Clean, Modern WordPress Theme


GeneratePress is a multipurpose theme, which means that no matter which niche your site belongs to, you could use it to make an attractive site with ease.

GP acts as a blank slate. You can use your imagination to build the site of your dreams. You can make GeneratePress do anything you want.

GeneratePress mainly focuses on its core performance instead of appearance.

Since GP focuses on performance, so the site that you build will have a great foundation, which will make it load faster.

Because of that, most people who build a WordPress site for their living love GeneratePress. They usually pair it with a WordPress page builder, to build a website that suits a niche of their wish.

You could use GeneratePress to build a simple site like this


Or this.


Or a landing page like this.


Or even like this


Your imagination is the limit when you are using GeneratePress.

GeneratePress features that make it a powerhouse theme

Here are some of the features that they provide, which makes them stand out from the rest of their competition.

Secure and Stable


Some of the top developers in the WordPress community have independently reviewed their source code. So you don’t have to worry about your site’s security and stability.

They use all the latest and most stable coding standards that are currently available.

Less than 30kb


Google has announced that they use page speed as a criterion to rank a website. So your site has to be light yet powerful.

GeneratePress developers believe that your footprint should be as small as possible. That’s why a default WordPress install with their theme is less than 30kb!

Search Engine Optimized


If you want to rank your website on Google, then your theme should be optimized for SEO. Google bots check all the code, so if your source code isn’t clean, Google might not rank it.

GeneratePress comes with a validated HTML, built-in structured data, and lightning-fast load speed. This gives you a head start with search engines, even before, you add your first content to your site.

No Dependencies


If you are a developer, you know the frustration when dependency takes more time to load, which results in low page speed.

GeneratePress won’t load unnecessary dependencies, including jQuery, which they ditched for clean, vanilla JavaScript. So no more render-blocking issues!

5-star rating


This isn’t a specific feature, but this shows you that people clearly love their theme. GeneratePress theme comes in two versions, a free and a paid version.

The core theme is 100 percent free. According to, GP is active on over 200,000 sites and has also managed to maintain an impressive 5-star rating on over 1000 reviews.

What Makes GeneratePress Unique?



Despite all the features that they provide, GeneratePress, always has a focus on excellent performance and clean code. Their entire theme is less than 30kB, which is as small as you will ever find for a WordPress theme.

Even the most optimized themes in WordPress are still 200kB plus, and some poorly coded themes can even exceed 1 MB.

As I mentioned earlier, it also has no code dependencies, which helps you to avoid render-blocking errors that Google Page Speed insight often suggests. All these features add together to get a super fast-loading theme.

Non-crippled free version


GeneratePress provides a free theme version that you could download by going to their site. It includes most features that you get on their paid version, even though this version is free to download.

Their paid version includes some extra features like Site Library, which helps you to import some demo sites, that would give you a head start on your projects. We will talk about this later in this article.

They provide a lightweight theme that is focused on its performance; you could even try out their free version before purchasing their premium theme.

Can be shaped into any design


Even though they provide multiple demo sites that you could use to get a head start on your project, using a WordPress page builder could take it to the next level.

A WordPress page builder like Elementor will help you to customize your design according to your wish. Since GeneratePress focuses on performance, your site will have the same performance that its original theme provides.

SEO optimization at the core level


This is one of the essential factors that you need to look at when choosing a theme. Everyone wants their website to rank higher in Google page results.

A well-written source code which has structured data will make sure that Google bots understand your content faster than regular websites.

Moreover, their lightweight design ensures that your site will have a high loading speed. A faster website boosts your search engine optimization as well as user experience; no one likes a website that takes some time to load.



Other than performance, another area where GeneratePress does well is in its customization. They use the WordPress Customizer for personalization, which is much more convenient because you will be able to see all the changes that you make in real-time.

GeneratePress free version gives you some decent options for customization, but if you have the premium version, you will be able to customize everything on your website.

GP gives you a lot more customization options in the WordPress Customizer than most other themes. If you are new to WordPress, their level of details might be a little overwhelming. But once you get the hang of it, you will love the amount of control that you have over your website.

Multiple layout options for posts and pages


GeneratePress allows you multiple layout options for your posts, as well as for your pages. You could choose different layouts, like page title only, page title with featured image, large featured image, etc.

Massive catalog of pre-build starter sites (premium)


GeneratePress’s premium version gives you a Site Library that provides various importable demo sites to kick start your project.

Currently, they offer 35 standard demo sites along with 13 Elementor sites and 6 Beaver builder sites.

So regardless of niche, there will be a demo site pre-build for you.

Premium extensions


When you purchase their premium version, they provide some extension that will make your job much more comfortable. Some of the features that they include are:

  • Typography: Over 70 typography options that give you complete control over your site text.
  • Elements: Dynamic page heros, an advanced hook system, and custom theme layout.
  • WooCommerce: Add more color, typography, and layout options to your WooCommerce store.
  • Menu Plus: Sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, and more.
  • Blog: Featured image controls, columns and masonry, infinity scroll, and more.
  • Secondary Nav: Add secondary navigation with all the same options as your primary navigation.

And many more!

Single price for unlimited sites


You only have to pay the price of a single theme to get an unlimited number of themes with GeneratePress. Their WordPress theme includes more than 50 site demos, along with new updates and features.

They also allow you to use the same theme on multiple websites. So, buying a GeneratePress will be an excellent investment for your site and your future projects.

GeneratePress Free vs. Premium – What is the difference

As I mentioned earlier, the GeneratePress is available both as free and pro versions. Their free version would be enough for you if you are not looking for extra customizations and are knowledgeable about CSS to tweak some code.

Some of the main features that are available in their paid version are:

  • Site Library
  • Full Customization
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • WooCommerce
  • Section
  • GP Hooks
  • Blog

Who is GeneratePress ideal for?

Multiple site managers: Most of the premium WordPress themes allow you to use them on a single site, if you want to use them on multiple websites, then you have to purchase a new license for each website that you use.GP Premium allows you to use their theme on as many sites as you like.

Agencies: If you own an agency, then you could use GeneratePress to build an excellent website.

Freelancers: You could create some stunning portfolios with the help of GeneratePress, so you could improve the chance of getting a new project.

Affiliate site owners: If you are an affiliate marketer, then you should go for GP. Their themes allow you to customize your site according to your needs. Moreover, they allow you to use their theme in multiple sites, so you don’t have to purchase multiple themes.

When Should you not use GeneratePress?

If you don’t have the patience to design a site for your needs, you shouldn’t choose GP.

If you want something to look great out of the box, then GP isn’t for you. They do have some great demo sites, but you will have to customize it, to reach its maximum potential

GeneratePress Alternatives

Here are some of the GeneratePress alternative WordPress themes:

  • Astra
  • OceanWP


Which are the WordPress Page Builders that you could use?

GP is compatible with all the major WordPress Page builders, like Elementor, Thrive Architect, and Beaver builder.

What is meant by their renewal fee?

GP allows you to renew your license key, so you could continue to receive updates and priority in their support forums.

What will happen if I don’t renew my key?

You won’t receive new updates and priority support in forums. No, your website won’t change. Once you purchase GP Premium, you own it for life and are free to use it as long as you like.


If you don’t have the patience to build your site, then you could save your time and money by purchasing an already pre-built theme for your niche.

If you are willing to spend some time in changing settings and customizing, then you can build a gorgeous website with fast loading speed that your audience, as well as Google, will love.

GP is specially designed for people who want all the control over there website; if you are that kind of person, then you should definitely go for GeneratePress.

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